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Wright said:
VGPolyglot said:

I'm not sure if survival horror in general is for you, then.

Considering Resident Evil 2 had like 14 different weapons which also included a Gatling Gun, and RE1 and RE3 had around 10 each, I think his complain about weapons (and survival horror in general, since all those three games are considered survival horror) shouldn't be dismissed this way. He raises a valid point.

EDIT: Though we still don't know the whole extention of RE7's weaponry, though.

I think a handgun, shotgun, magnum, flamethtower and a chainsaw were confirmed, eith probably more on the game.I dont get the complains about this not being survival horror.Its a survival horror through and through.Now, if you font like first person view its a valid complain, but other than that, it got everything a RE game has.