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Illusion said:
Nem said:

Lol! Don't you realise that Putin already won with Trumps election? He makes the US weaker. That is his objective and you guys played right into his hand.

It is more likely that Trump starts a world war 3. But i'm not sure the world would be with him.

The USA's influence has been growing weaker for quite some time.  For example, look at the mess that the USA has made in the middle east resulting in ISIS and the overthrow of many stable governments, that is definitely not the sign of a strong global power.  I think that it's time for the US to stop trying to be the world's police until they can get some of their own internal issues sorted out.  That's going to mean letting other countries fill the vacuum left behind by the US, but is that a bad thing?  I certainly don't think that it is something worth risking a nuclear war over.  

Fair enough. It does look like there are many issues to solve.

But the damage is already done. Leaving like your hands are clean without making reparations is not exactly winning any points.