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fleischr said:
Captain_Yuri said:


Do you guys think I should get a new one or just send it for repairs?

Even before you factor in extra discounts that are bound to happen BF/Holiday, buying N3DS may only be an extra $10-20 more expensive vs getting this fixed. It may even be cheaper. Gotta believe that fixing the 3D screen is no trifling matter. Quick google search on the cost for that repair is around 75-85 dollars.

Getting the N3DS XL instead may be a little more expensive - maybe only $30-70 extra.

When I went from 2DS to N3DS XL, I noticed a pretty big jump in load times. The c-stick nub made Smash 3DS way, way better too.

Thats true. I guess I will wait for Black Friday then.


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