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vivster said:

You will add to the Chinese economy anyway^^

True. But at-least none will be going to the USA. ;)

vivster said:

Note doesn't seem to be Samsung's flagship anymore. It's just a bigger screen with no noticeable other improvements over the S7. That's why it had the expandable storage, because it was the same hardware in a bigger case. Now after this disaster they may even abandon the line.

The note is still a Flagship, it's even priced as one, but it's designed to be for power-users, the S-Pen has a ton of practical uses for power users/artists and professionals, that's not a market you simply throw away, the disaster can happen with any lineup, heck Sony had exploding battery's years ago.

vivster said:

I think the physical reductions are here to stay. At the cutting edge they are always looking for more room inside the case, be it for battery or more chips. Now even more because they've reached the size equilibrium. Human hands and pockets are not going to be bigger so flagship phones will stay within the 5-6" range.

I'm happy to go bigger. I use my devices less for Phone calls and more for 2 handed operation anyway. (Or 1 handed when it's mounted to my Bicycle/Motobike/Ebike.)
I actually wanted a 6-6.5" or larger phone rather than only 5.7" that I settled with due to the lack of high-end devices in those sizes.

vivster said:

It's easily imaginable that they transit to phones with no physical input at all. They will just ship every phone with a wireless docking station that will handle power and data transfer. That's probably the dream of both Apple and Samsung. Just imagine the free space inside the case and how easy it will be to make it waterproof. Also to make true unibody cases with no cracks or openings at all.

I wouldn't mind that future at all because I'm already using no cables on my phone at all.

Yeah. But we are also not there yet.

I would like a cable-free-future. However... Wireless charging doesn't recharge your device over a distance, you need to place the device on a "Plate" of sorts which has coils.
I had wireless charging 3-4 years ago with the old Lumia 920, loved it then as much as I do now (I adopted the tech earlier than most Android users.) but it has a few caveats.

I am not a fan of peripherals being rechargeable though, my mice, keyboards, headphones are all cabled so I don't have to worry about recharging or battery's. - It's convenient, just plug and play.

As for waterproofing, if you want something you can take swimming, then buy a phone with that capability built in, being lightly waterproof/resistent is enough for 99% of users, more people would be interested in being able to plug their headphones in rather than being able to take their phones scuba diving.

For a completely wireless future though, Wireless charging needs to be able to recharge your peripherals while you use them, then it will catch on in my opinion. Tesla did say it was possible though, so there is that.

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