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Johnw1104 said:

I have the iPhone 7 and really, really like it lol

The speakers are remarkably loud now, the home button is actually quite cool (it has that tactile thing so it does "click" and vibrate when on) and it's capable of reading your thumb print so you needn't bother with typing in a password.

Otherwise, I like the wireless earbuds (especially as it apparently made room for the improved speakers) and it came packaged with an adapter and wired earbuds for those who want to use them. As a person who's been using iTunes for over a decade now and their App Store for about a decade, both remain a convenient and easy way of keeping all my stuff uniform across my devices and computers.

The screen is beautiful, the battery life greatly improved, the storage was greatly increased, it simply runs remarkably fast with no noticeable lag, the backup cloud is a very easy way to avoid losing photos and docs, it's water resistant (finally), it seems to handle the internet better than any phone I've tried (it's easily working with vgchartz now which was never the case before lol), the camera still the best on the market among smart phones... I know it's in fashion to hate everything apple does and I have my own complaints (still seems fragile/designed to slip out of pocket/don't like power button on side), but this is truly a superb phone. I don't understand why everyone has to get so darn angry about it lol

I aactually like the 7 though. The button simply bothered me 




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