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Knitemare said:
VGPolyglot said:
It's worth it for me. It would take me days to download a game, instead of the minutes/hour that it takes with the disc. Granted, I don't have an Xbox One, but considering that my PS4 can take a day to download 8 GBs of data, it would be a nightmare to try to download a 50GB game.

Yeah, I was talking just about Xbone. I have ps4 and the only digital games I have are the ones that come with the Plus... But in Xbone I have the Halo 5 Disc, and even so, it has to update 41 GB!!! Thats the ponint! Why would I have to update 41 GB if I bought the Physical copy!

There are PS4 games that have massive updates too, so this is not exclusive to the XBox.