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Ok, I am not a follower from M$ clearly... but Ive tried, and Ive tried hard...

I never liked Halo, even tho, i was good at its multiplayer, so one day, at work, like 1 year ago, I had this copy of Halo 1 for PC. So I had nothing better to do, so started playing the story mode. I even payed it with the touchpad, because i had no mouse on my office. And for my surprise, I really enjoyed the story, the music, even goddamn masterchief. So I decided to go in a rampage buying a Xone as the first M$ Console that I ever had. And so I did. I even tought it was a good idea since I could play RotTR before (I have ps4, ps3, ps2, and even an old ps1) in the Xone.

Everything was OK until I put the MCC blu ray disc... It took ages for me to start to play since I had a 2 Mb Connection... But I took the waiting like a champ, so I could get to play again that awesome game remastered and in a goddamn big screen (60" instead of 14" from my work's laptop). But oh was I in for a ride... Every goddamn game that I buy, physical of course, have to download and install a hugeeeee amount of I dont know what data... Today I finished Halo 4 and make the mistake of wanting to play Halo 5 right away... Ohhhh dear, was I wrong... 41 Effing GB to update.!!!!! WTF is this? are you kidding me Microsoft? whats the point on selling Physical games at all?? Why do I need to buy a goddamn charger instead of being included?? why every goddamn time that I quit from the missions, the effing Xbone would ask if I want gold?????

5 Games and my storage is at 75%!!!!! only 2 of them are digital and were included in the bundle, otherwise I would have get them physical, but there would be no point at all since maybe Physical would require another huge amout of download data just for the game to actually start!!!!

I would never ever buy another M$ console ever forever and ever.

Well after all this rant... what do you guys think??


"We all make choices, but in the end, our choices make us" - Andrew Ryan, Bioshock.