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No person is supposed to feel anything for their "race" because everyone is an individual human being that lives their own life and makes their own decisions. It doesn't matter if let's say for example a majority of a race does a specific thing, because even if you are part of that race you know that you don't do that stuff and therefore have no involvement in it, so you don't have any part to feel bad for any of it.

It's just a case where, as another person said earlier in this thread, that people start generalizing from the few people that might happen to do bad things and are a certain race and those few people could ruin it for everyone else. THAT is the main problem here, is when people start acting like the actions of a few people determine how everyone from that race all of a sudden is.

Nobody is supposed to look at themselves and decide how they feel about who they are based on the actions of others around them that happen to be the same race as them. They look at themselves at who they are based on what they THEMSELVES do.

This isn't even a thing anybody should be questioning.

If what you're saying is that should white people feel ashamed for how their "race" enslaved black people in the past, then the answer is not at all. Because white people that are born in the past decades had absolutely nothing to do with that, regardless of if the people who did it before are in the same race as them. They're not gonna look at themselves and think that just because they're white that they should feel any sort of guilt over something other people in their race did, and if they do then they need to get a grip on reality.

Same thing with any other race. Such as all the terrorist attacks that have happened recently in the past 10 to 15 years or even just very recently in the past few months. Muslim people or other people that come from countries out in the middle east or just in general wherever people seem to generalize that terrorists come from, people there or any others get unfairly judged for something others in their race might have done, but they themselves had nothing to do with that, so they should not feel guilty whatsoever.

Your race doesn't define you, it has absolutely nothing to do with who you are as a human being and an individual.