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WolfpackN64 said:
DonFerrari said:

Yes, if they complain that they can't get what they need because the others are bad towards them because they are white sure... anyone that try more to push blame on society than to take his destiny on his own hand can take this route for all I care. No amount of complaining will get anything solved.

So you would shove a societal problem to the responsability of the individual? The only justified course of action is to take action against perceived injustice, not go out of it's way.

Yes, we have seem how much the society reform solutions got us on china, vietnam, cuba, venezuela, russia, etc.

When a lot of the "perceived injusticies" are either pony theories, things that solve themselves with time instead of accusations or that depend of oneself development yes I'm very against the "solve by creating new laws" and similar things that are presented.

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