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DonFerrari said:


binary solo said:
I think white people should be in the forefront of not thinking about race at all. The world will be better off when we stop dividing people according to race. And since most (but not all) racial oppression has been carried out at the hands of white people then it's white people who need to take a lead trying to create a post-racial world.

I am neither proud of my race nor am I ashamed. No one has achieved anything BECAUSE they were white, so of what is there to be proud of whiteness? It's not whiteness that enables great discoveries and achievements in the arts and sciences. To claim it is whiteness that contributes to this is, by definition, racist, because it suggests that by mere skin tone you have a superior capacity to achieve great things. To say that whiteness is not a basis for these achievements means there is logical justification for pride in one's skin tone. Similarly whiteness is not a cause of racism or tyranny or oppression or slavery, so one's skin tone is not a reason for historical guilt.

Sorry, but racial oppression only happened mostly by the hand of white people in the west... in Africa black people do that between tribes, in middle east it was largely carried against jews and christians (or white people if you want), in Asia it also is still carried against most outside ethinicities.

You want to hear the great secret, the only ethnicity that formally ruled out slavery was the white folks.

Between tribes is not racial oppression. Between religions is not racial oppression (you do realise that the oppression of Jews and Christians in the middle east is against people of the same race or a "cousin" race?). Are you trying to say that slavery is formally legal in countries like Japan, China, India? In fact I'm pretty sure that slavery is officially illegal in just about every country (not sure about North Korea). 

@bold. That makes absolutely no sense. How could white people only oppress other races in "the west" (whatever that means), when there were no races other than white people in the place of origin of white people? White people had to go to (colonise / conquer) places where the people were not white in order to racially oppress people. Your own country, for instance. Brazil was not originally white. The indigenous people of Brazil are not white. It was white people who came and occupied Brazil that oppressed the natives. Australia is not originally "of the west", the natives there were horribly oppressed by the colonising Brits, and in some places actual genocide was carried out. India was colonised and oppressed. Large swathes of Africa were oppressed by European colonial powers. Have you heard of South Africa and its history? Is that "the west".

“The fundamental cause of the trouble is that in the modern world the stupid are cocksure while the intelligent are full of doubt.” - Bertrand Russell

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