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JRPGfan said:
Why should any race feel any pride for their own race?

Thats just another form of racism.
Also this doesnt just apply to white people.
Plenty of black and asian racisits out there.

Well it's because black and even asian achievements and contributions to the country as a whole are not paid much attention to. Lets be honest, in high school (any level of school really) youre given 1 month to learn about black history, which even then isnt even followed in every school. So, being proud as a people, and ensuring that black youth KNOW their worth in the world, black people tend to have pride in themselves and our people. The fact is, a race thats opressed will try their hardest to rebel against it. And rightfully so.

And about there being plenty of black and asian racists, it's a different kind (not saying that two wrongs make a right). But until you've witnessed first hand the kind of racism displayed to black people from white people,  you wont understand the severity and the different level of racism that it is.