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Nautilus said:
Lrdfancypants said:

It plays like I expected based of what devs showed up to launch.  

I'm not saying people didn't like the game because people expected things that weren't there on trailers and play through videos or (that someone like you didn't enjoy it or like the game for what it was shown to be).  

I have no secret inside knowledge to the reasons as to why "alot" of people bought the game as you do but it was what I expected.


Well then, you and I simply had different expectations from from what the trailers showed us and what to expect out of the game.And my "inside knowledge" about what gamers want is just an educated guess based on the reviews and what people(in general) expected out of the game.Promise i didnt use any kind of magic when I made that statement =)

I just based my expectations on what was shown. Would it be great to have other stuff?  Sure, but since it has what was shown I see no point in knocking them for delivering pretty much what they showed.  

I do look forward to the updates they talked about such as base building and giant ships.  

l <---- Do you mean this glitch Gribble?  If not, I'll keep looking.  





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