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DonWii said:
That is the thing. Some people argued that the PS2 sales are made up from people who had to replace it. However, the fact that they were willing to buy another one showed how much they loved their machine. Same can be said about the 360.

I don't really agree with this logic.


If I have 10 PS2 games, and my console breaks, what else am I gonna do?  Leave the 10 games sitting there useless?  How about 30, 50, 70 games?  Am I just going to sell my whole collection for 10% of what I paid for it?  I don't think so.


If I've invested all of this money into Xbox360 games/controllers/ other components, I have no real other choice but to buy another console.  Otherwise I'm losing a TON of money on all of the games/components I bought.   Even if I was to sell them, I get no where near what I paid.


It's not really how much you love that system.  It's just the way this market works out.  You need that console to play your games.  You have no alternative.

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