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FunFan said:
There's nothing about this showing that tells me Sonic fortunes are going to change. Sega still milking the hog.

I respectfully disagree. This stream has showed me that Sonic is heading in the right direction now.They're offering options for each of the 3 Sonic fanbases now, 2D, 3D, and Boom (yes, Boom does have a fanbase, primaly made up of younbger kids who like the tv show). 

Sonic Mania is being handled by dev teams that already have experience with classic Sonic from when they ported the classic Sonic game to mobile. They heard the complaints about Sonic 4's engine having poor physics, so they found developers who already updated the old 2D Sonic engine to current gen standards.

Sonic Team 2017 game is nearly 5 years in the making now, 6 years by the time it releases next Holiday, a longer dev time than any previous Sonic game. 

Sega has acknowledged that they've rushed too many Sonic games in the past, and have said they will no longer be doing that (and they've lived up to that statement so far, delaying Fire and Ice a whole year and giving this new game 6 years of development).