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The game has actually grown on me over time. In 2013, I actually picked GTA V as the better game, but in the three years since, The Last of Us still sticks with me in ways other games around that time do not. Something about Joel and Ellie's relationship and the tense atmosphere the game creates are just impossible (for me) to forget. The combat, as well, remains some of the most satisfying I've ever played, as every battle felt extremely "weighty" (not a real word, I know, but the combat had a more natural, realistic flow to it that I loved. Joel wasn't a martial artist, he was just a dude clubbing other guys in the face :) ). All in all, definitely one of my favorite games, and probably my favorite PS3 game (though Uncharted 2 is neck and neck). 


To be fair, I'm also a massive horror fan and enjoyed Cormac McCarthy's The Road a great deal, so the game's themes hold a special appeal to me.