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Soleron said:
"They should make a Pokemon MMO" is the wrong lesson here. GO is successfully pulling in people who never played Pokemon games; for whom sitting down to play a 30 hour RPG on a handheld with a complex battle system is too much of an investment.

To replicate this success, they need to go MORE casual. That means making people who go on VGChartz as angry as possible.

That wasnt really what I meant.

Maybe I worded it wrong. I didn't mean nintendo needs to now make a pokemmo. This basically IS a pokemon mmo, which will evolve over time to include more interesting concepts.

What I mean is, will this game change the way nintendo thinks about games. Previously, nobody thought something like this would work. The google pokemon thing that happened like a year ago was just a joke. Like, it was april fools or something. I dont' exactly remember, but I remember them not taking it seriously until it was hugely successful.

Nintendo should take a lesson from pokego, and look at their franchises differently. They tried doing this exact thing with miitomo and it failed. Because nintendo doesn't get it. They thought that it would be more successful to use mii's. I think Nintendo needs to start listening to the younger players, rather than have old people try and make decisions for what young people will like