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Robert_Downey_Jr. said:
Barkley said:

Unfortunately due to the excessively adult nature of the show we're very unlikely to get it. Which is a shame as there is an absolute wealth of characters that could be in the game, so many well known. It'd be the perfect franchise to be a lego game if it wasn't for the nudity and violence associated with it xD.

The contrast of the game with it's family friendly lego humor and the super serious show would be hillarious though. Can you imagine the Red Wedding scene in Lego, or Ned Stark's execution with the typical lego gags thrown in! Amazing!

wouldn't they just cleverly make it appropriate?  Like you said any death would be made into jokes and nudity and such could be made into the same.

Yeah but even if the content of the game itself was appropriate I don't think Lego would want to make a game about a franchise that is so innapropriate.

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