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ssj12 said:

 If you notice DK has a :p behind his text. Meaning sarcasm ie he is joking.Ans I will admit, I'm not 100% sure if RP is a Super Mod or not, I think it might be Fishy or someone else instead.

@TalonMan - you deal with the horrors of the game database. I help every once in a while to remove dup games and such but you have the more important job then being one of the higher ranked mods. This is why your listed above everyone.

Of course - but you also have an intense role and I would think your PR stuff should take precendence over mod stuff as well since that's probably the most critical thing to this site and it's future.

...we all have our duties around here - I just want to make sure the pecking-order is clear. There is no need to define additional 'mods in charge' beyond the initial three. It only adds to confusion both between moderators and the community itself. If Joe Community has a problem, he's going to go to Stof or Ben - if not satisfied, it'll get forwarded up to Naz and, if necessary, onto DK and/or ioi. You're adding an additional (and unneccessary) layer of complexity so that when Joe has a problem, he's now got 7 or 8 people to start PMing and talking to - kinda going too far here, no?

And I've been using :P and ;) liberally as well, how come you recognize DK's sarcasm and not mine?!?!? I'm taking Rocket's cape.    ...this ashtray and Rocket's cape and that's all I need.   ...and my laptop. The ashtray, Rocket's cape, and my laptop, and that's all I'll need!  ...and these matches. The ashtray, Rocket's cape, my laptop, and these matches, and that's all I'll need!       I don't need anything else!!!    ...except this lamp. The ashtray, Rocket's cape, my laptop, the matches, and this lamp, and that's all I'll need!!