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SonytendoAmiibo said:
Eagle367 said:

They could have it how do you know? Didn't Squeenix say dragon quest XI will be on the NX

There are a lot of developers on the internet saying they have no idea what the NX is. That means they don't have dev kits. And this is the achilles heel that always screws Nintendo. Their paranoia. The first Nintendo console that had an optical disc drive was the Game Cube. Nintendo was so paranoid people would steal their games, they used the proprietary mini disc. In the end larger games would not fit on one disc, forcing devs to make two discs for one game.

Nintendo is so paranoid now that someone will steal the NX's gimmick, they are being stingy with dev kits.

I would love to see some sources b'cause all I've heard about that was some indie developpers whinning about not getting a nx dev kit :P

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