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When will consoles reach a power block and same goes for PC? I mean when will power become a saturation point and more power will just be like wasting resources? Or will every other game become open world to the extent that time in games and distance in games will be real time? Sure for vr we need a lot more power but for 4k? I mean resolution to me is already reaching a saturation? Will we then get 60 fps gaming and then 120fps gaming and then 240fps gaming? Will there come a time when avid gamers will live inside games through vr? Will the power in future be required for holographic gaming? What will the industry do when there is no reason to shift from gtx 1480 and 1580 or from ps6 to ps7? Will consoles and PC then become a lot cheaper and smartphone will be as powerful as the most modern PCs?
As for Nintendo I believe they should aim for just enough power yo make great games and make a lot of them and people will respond. Stick to a more traditional console because people are not willing to change the way they play and when the time comes and the market becomes stale because of too much power then bring the innovations that will move the video game industry to a new never before thought of era because they were the ones who created the modern video game industry in the first place.

Just a guy who doesn't want to be bored. Also