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Huh!?!??! This is the guy that yesterday created a thread complaining about everything Nintendo and upset that the WiiU was going to be abandoned and that Nintendo lied that the WiiU was going to get support after the NX released.

And now BAM, you think the Next mario will release on WiiU and don't even give a No option in the poll.

This thread isn't serious, and judging by the things you've said over past months I'm beginning to suspect your entire account isn't serious.


You 18 hours ago. - "Iwata was a liar. He promised us that the NX won't succeed the NX however he has killed the Wii U and the NX will replace the WIi U. LIE. He has also said that they will continue making Wii U Games even after the NX launch but currently it doesn't look like they have a single unannounced Wii U game in development. LIE. If we support the NX, Nintendo will continue lying into our faces."

I doubt you're even a Nintendo fan, seems to me like you're just pretending you are and making fun of them, similair to that Drill guy.

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