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konnichiwa said:
Baryonyx said:

Been here since 4th generation, because the two previous generation before that i wasn't old enough to get passed the first level in Sonic. 

It's your opinion, if you prefer playing the same titles with no new titles to fresh things up.. It's your choice but new titles should always be welcomed

But he is kind of right though, people are getting more excited about the idea of a sequel of one of their beloved franchises. We saw it last year with sea of thieves and the dissapointment that their was no new conker/battletoads/Banjo,    Most people don't say they want a new IP from bethesda or Rockster but instead they want Elder scrolls VI/Red dead 2. I think those kind of wishes are pretty normal.  I really enjoyed the Old crash games and Forza horizon games that's why I am also more excited about a new Crash/forza horizon game instead of Sony saying we making a new platformer ip or Ms making a new race game.

Did i say that it's bad to get excited for new sequals? No. But last gen it was oversaturated and milked, not unlike Tony hawk on Ps2, it was so saturated that people barely wanna pick up or care for a new Tony hawk. Skates so far only have 3 games and it's beloved. 
I just don't think we should replace New Ip's completely for the sake of habit's.. Cause apperantly every new IP is bad...  Pssh.. 

All the games you love was a new IP at one point, damn where is the trust? 


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