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Bryank75 said:
UltimateGamer1982 said:
Not sure how Sony or Microsoft won. Both felt very meh to me. Best thing from Sony was Spider-Man and days gone.

Best from Microsoft was forza horizon 3 and scalebound. Not much else worth getting excited over.

Forza is an annual game, Scalebound was first shown in 2014...MS cinference was all known about and very little wow factor. 

God of War? Days Gone? RE7? Kojimas trailer was impressive too. But downplay if you like. Was like this last year where all the xbox fans kept trying to push that they won something..... we all know how it is viewed in retrospect.

I suppose Kojima's trailer was impressive if you'd always wanted to see Norman Reedus naked lol... I'll need to see more than him walking around on the beach in his birthday suit before I get excited about that one.