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davygee said:
Gballzack said:

What do you think? Could the Wii have been Nintendo's last intended stationary console? Will it be Nintendo's last console? What if advances in Bluetooth and Wi-fi lead to a handheld successor which can double as a TV console being the successor to both handhelds and stationary consoles? Crazy I know, but it was thought I felt was worth bouncing off the heads here.

I've been saying something similar for a while now. I reckon that due to the whole nature of modern day-ness. People enjoy the mobility of everything in their every day lives. I reckon that a portable console that can be connected to a home TV is the future of gaming.

Games can only go so far as to be realistic, also the cost of creating them, especially on the 360 and PS3 is now getting to astronomical proportions. Why not create a system that is simple to create for and is powerful enough to act as a great handheld and a great home console in one.

A handheld unit that allows for all the gaming experience on the move, that can connect via Wifi, Bluetooth or just a plain cable to a TV, also you could have all the peripherals of a modern home console...ie. a wireless wifi controller or two or three. The system wouldn't even need to be that more powerful than what we have at the moment. I'm pretty sure a PSP like device would be able to display externally no problem. In fact there are rumours that you may very well be able to video out the PSP to a large TV. Anyway, the system would need to have a video enhancer that would upscale the graphics onto the large screen...or actually have the handheld screen at a high enough resolution anyway.....720 is good enough.

Anyway, we will see with time.

 yeah i have the same idea, i think this be reality in the next gen or in two or four generations more, or sony begin with the psp.