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I find that 99% of the people who work at GameStop are the most uneducated idiots on the planet when it comes to the Videogame industry.

During the GameCube era on more then one occasion right after the GameCube launched they were saying the GameCube was Nintendo's final system and that Nintendo was going to go the way of Sega. On top of that they were telling people that Microsoft had already secured the rights to many of Nintendo's franchises. To this day I wonder if GameStops negativeness towards Nintendo helped in the GameCube not doing as well as I could of.

Just look at how well Nintendo is doing, can you seriously think they would call it quits while they are on top? Hell they are now on of the Top 10 companies in market value in Japan.

Hell I've corrected people at GameStop with their own god damn magazine. last time it was about the fact that Virtua Fighter 5 was going to the Xbox360, They were saying that the game was 100% PS3 exclusive and that there was no way Sega would release the game on another system. All I had to do was grab the magazine off the rack flip to the page that said it was coming to the Xbox360.

People in retail are the last people you should be getting info from. All they care about is selling you the most expensive stuff. They don't know anything about the industry. And from my experence most GameStop people are Sony fanboys who hate to see their system getting its butt kicked. It annoys the hell at of me how much of a bunch of Sony fanboys they are.

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