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AEGRO said:
celador said:
Some moving goalposts around here. When Sony was in a drought, no amount of third party and indie games mattered. Now they do supposedly.

MS first party output has generally been lacking, and seems to be getting worse. Hopefully they can have a good holiday, with Halo Wars 2, Crackdown 3 and FH3, but once again the first three quarters of the year are poor. Don't see Sea of Thieves making this year.

Everytime i see Cobalt on a list, i cant help but LOL

Talk about a list filler with that 67 Meta Rated game that lets be honest here, nobody cares.

Also, Sea of Thieves is the kind of game that appears on every list available when people are talking about Xbox One exclusives, but i see that game underperforming when it actually releases.

If the game actually underperforms, we will for sure see here how Sea of Thieves was never hyped, that nobody even talked about it, etc.

(Project Spark, im looking at you)

I'm not saying M$'s output is anywhere near Sony's but jeez! I see people saying games like Onechanbara Z (which i actually bought on day one despite being like a 29% on Metacritic at the time!) counts when comparing consoles or a port like Gravity Rush (which I also bought!) or an indie game like Resogun (which I got for free) is a system seller. Meanwhile games like Quantum Break aren't important because it didn't sell well or Cuphead is not retail and only retail games are important!

Maybe I'm not seeing the right threads but it seems like people want M$ to suck and the narrative will always switch to support it. I mean, get it. Ps4 is more powerful, sells better, has more games, had higher rated games, and has pretty much every advantage. You won ! No need to come at M$ like it's 7th gen, anymore.

Sea of Theives had been lauded since day one. People wanted Rare to make something different. You can't find a single "Sea of Thieves is going to be awesome" thread. It's still a game . It still exists. It still counts and hopefully, when it releases, it will be good.

Wow, your brutal!

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