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ChronotriggerJM said:
My only concern for the whole situation is games like No more hero's and Zak and Wiki, I mean it's like I hear forum after forum after forum bitching about 3rd party support on the Wii, then someone gives it to you in spades and they sell like ass >< I'm not going to say that 3rd party quality titles WON'T sell, but when Suda can put out a game like No More hero's then look at the sales figures next to something god awful like Mario Party 8 or Carnival games, it REALLY makes you think. It's not that the Wii can't play fantastic games, it's just it seems ripped and ready for cheap cash-ins :/

I can't believe this is still brought up. Haven't you heard that both, Capcom and Suda, were satisfied with the sales of their respective games? Zack & Wiki and No More Heroes met sales expectations.

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