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thranx said:
Zuhyc said:
I'm horrified by the amount of people saying Trump...

Hve you not been watching the news? Trump has brought more people out to vote. republicans have been having higher voter turn outs this election cycle, and democrats lower. Trump is looking very well placed to take the presidency. And he has done it on a small budegt, with more media attention. He represents what americans want, and what wwe need at this time.

Not only that, but there are folks on the left who genuinely will not vote for Clinton, due to reasons of principle.  The fact she's probably facing indictment (as she should), the Benghazi thing, the fact she has spoken ignorantly about games and censorship, the fact that she's parroted the false 1 in 5 rape myth, the fact that she's parroted the 77c wage gap myth, the fact that she claims 'listen and believe' for rape victims, conveniently forgetting that under that definition her husband is a multiple time rapist, the fact that she said that women and their families are being crushed by mass incarceration...of women, when there are 13x the number of men in prison than women in the US, and men face on average like 8 years more time in prison for same/similar offenses.

I consider myself moderate/center left/libertarian, and there's no fucking way I'm voting for Hillary, nevermind Trump.