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hoala said:

Cobretti2 said:

You are making the assumption that all Nintendo loyalists buy all their games, after all the evidence we seen people write on here oh i baught the Wii U for Zelda lol. They all have different tastes. The ony common between them is Mario

How is Mario, Mario Kart and Splatoon mainstream games? Mario is like the cornerstone of a Nintendo platform. Did we see a HUGE increate in console sales when these launched? NO because the console is dead to the regular consumer.  If Mario and Mario Kart were mainstream games more consoles would have sold.  The fact is the ocmpetition has a lot more games suited to the regular user that they want to play.

Yes every real hardcore Nintendo fan would had bought Donkey Kong as an example. Thats not an assumption, thats a fact. Show me a real Nintendo fan that didnt bought Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze on Wii U.

And Mario, Mario Kart and co ARE Mainstream. Those games sold 30 Mio units in Wii. Or do you wanna tell me there are 30 Mio Nintendo fans out there? 

Sale increase:


666% for like a few weeks is nothing when it is selling so little to begin with.

Yes Mario sold 30m+ on Wii but lets face it if those games were as mainstream as you think then people would be all over the Wii U. 

Wii Sports sold the console, Mario was just a game people bought in addition later on.