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t3mporary_126 said:

The best way to react to this is to start thinking how to not get yourself into this position again with Nintendo. For example, I'm not going to buy their system just for Smash and Mario Kart anymore and hope the usual home consoles games like a exclusive Zelda or a big 3D adventure Mario will eventually arrive. This didn't happen in Wii U. The trust for these great games to arrive in any Nintendo home console no matter the situation they find themselves is gone. 

I personally learn that Nintendo will not release ambitious single player games I'm use to expecting if the sales are horrible within its second holidays sales so I've learned to do the following:

1. Wait for the sales of NX after its second holiday sales. If its significantly less than 20 million, Nintendo will treat it like the Wii U.

2. Do not assume it will get the single player Mario Zelda, Metroid, etc game like the N64-Wii did. Wait for those games to release first. Don't buy the system hoping these will arrive because they used to.

I'm totally fine with their 3D Mario game since it's my 2nd favourite 3D mario ever XD. I didn't buy the WiiU until I find a decent sale (50% off) and MK8 was out. But the way they treated the WiiU/3DS consumers the last year is shameful. I'm happy with the console, I enjoyed it a lot, I have a decent library of games, but this year, with the Zelda delay, being assholes with the WiiU owners; doing a Paper Mario nobody asked for, AGAIN; doing a Metroid Prime nobody asked for... Really, they are totally unaware of what their fandom is asking. Or they're just simply arrogant people who want to educate their fandom, which is worse. I'm inclined to believe the 2nd option. The problem for me is that it's Nintendo or not at all. Because I really don't enjoy most of the other software output (except some exceptions, like Bioshock, Dark Souls, Deus Ex or Mass Effect). But they're lying to me. I don't feel like I want to be in this position anymore. But the other option is quit the gaming world unless the industry changes massively and it starts making games of genres I love (platformers being the worst offender). I described it yesterday as a love-hate and a dependance relationship. And we know that sucks.