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vivster said:

It's splitting the Nintendo userbase!

Just imagine this. You just bought your Wii U, you're enjoying all the nice games and you're perfectly happy with it. Then suddenly Nintendo announces a new console. A new console that not only does play Wii U games at a better performance and visuals but even has a bunch of exclusive new games and features. They're probably even stopping releasing games on the "old" console because of this.

I mean what was Nintendo thinking? They're splitting their userbase, basically making Wii U owners second class citizens. There are now over 10 million customers who are angry at Nintendo because of this yet they continue to go forward with this. They're gonna ruin all the good reputation they've build with the Wii U.

Consoles are built to last and not to be replaced with a new model after a few years. Have they even thought about how much of a strain that will be to their developers? They will now have to develop games for 2 different platforms and for most that's an impossible task, so they'll be forced to only develop for the new console which will leave all Wii U owners in the dust.

So I beg you Nintendo, just end all the rumors and the NX nonsense and stick to Wii U, like your fanbase does.

Nintendo, for all their greatness, have some increasingly apparant faults. For one, they do what they want to do above all else.

Secondly, the WiiU has no split userbase. Every WiiU owner is someone who likes Nintendo games. The Wii.....now THAT split the userbase. Nintendo fans were playing the console alongside their grandparents and non-gamers alike ;)

Also, with only 13 million WiiU owners....Id say Nintendo fans failed Nintendo more then anything. Offcourse Nintendo has to flip the game and try again, 13 million people in 3 1/2 years is not going to cut it. Im sorry but as good as WiiU's games are, it by and large does not have a good reputation with PS/XB/PC gamers in general. Like the Wii, Nintendo has to seek out people outside the Nintendo faithful to really succeed.

Nintendo has also neglected 3rd party developers since the Wii, so Id hardly think they care if the WiiU and NX are totally different beasts.

It really depends if the NX will be like the WiiU or the Wii. Time will tell.