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Yet again people are side skirting DmC's actual flaws for saying it was hated because of the character designs (which it did have terrible character designs, but that's besides the point).

How about 30fps in a hack and slash? What about no taunt button? What about no lock on? What about the incredible ease of the game both in combat mechanics and game difficulty? Texture pop ins were also a big issue that weren't a problem in DMC4 which released 5 years prior.

The remaster... whatever... fixes some of these issues, but there are still glaring flaws if you love the hack and slash genre that don't get addressed, and having to release a game 2 times in my opinion just shows how flawed the game actually was.

DmC isn't just a bad DmC, it's a terrible hack and slash made a little less terrible in the remaster. It's like saying FF XIV was a great game, when you are really talking about A Realm Reborn. XIV was a freaking disaster.

DmC gets the vote, and may God have mercy on its soul.