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Kerotan said:
kowenicki said:

But all games must be playable on ps4 at some level according to Sony.... so seems you are unlikely to see anything except slightly more polish, unless they want to fuck over 40m people that is.

Exactly.  So the ps4 owner who's already happy like me can continue about their merry way.  For those who care about a few improvements feel free to shell out another $400. Personally I'll spend that money buying a shit load of games for my current ps4.


Then there's the possibility of buying PSVR so no chance I'll be getting an upgrade.  


The only good thing I can see is for those who haven't got a ps4 yet.  Sure why not,  give them a premium option. 

Or give your old ps4 in trade in, similar to when the ps3 and xb360 slim launched.  A lot of people wanted trade in their old hardware for the slims.