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Dulfite said:
Nem said:
Probably the one with the 40m headstart or 20m advantage.

This isn't a new console gen, and for all we know the Xbox 1.5 isn't even a thing.

Except I asked for which of the new ones would do best. The current sales don't mean anything in relation to that question. If anything, with 40 million sold, Sony may have a harder time making the 4.5 sell as much.

Err... what does it matter? Even if say Xbox 1.5 sold double what the PS4K did... wich is quite unlikely. Makes no difference. The generation race is over.

Anyways... these are all rumors. We dont know what the NX is, we don't know exactly what the PS4K is and we know that Xbox 1.5 isnt a thing. Getting a tad bit ahead of yourself i'd say. ^^