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TH-Work said:
Volterra_90 said:

The guy seems a bit biased, by the way. I mean, he's expecting the NX to be a high end mid range PC power. Nobody is expecting that. And I prefer them to keep it cheap. Good mid range PC is enough, because Nintendo games are not that demanding, and if it has the same power as PS4/One, third parties could jump in the NX bandwagon (no excuses now because of console power). Also, the comment about the prize? What the hell? Nintendo is not precisely the company which makes the consoles pricier. WiiU, maybe, because of the Gamepad, which is rather expensive. Another guy implying Nintendo fans are "fanboys" and that we will bit it up for 400$. There's no way the console will cost more than 350 (my bet will be 300, but who knows). Unless Nintendo lost their minds. That's nice. Fuck off. Anybody expecting a one generational jump right now is a bit crazy. There's no point in doing that.

Satoru Iwata himself said ones that the only reason what held back Nintendo Wii U was not the price, it was the less 3rd party support! And I agree with him, if people want something really bad than the price doesen't matter! Kid buy today 600 Dollar Smartphones or 500 Dollar Tablets, if they really want it they buy it. And thats the reason why Nintendo really should release a more powerfull console for 400 or even 500 Dollar. If it's a cool console with alot of power than people will buy it also for 1000 Dollar ;)

Wrong. You are totally wrong if you think that less 3rd party support is only thing that held back Wii U, Wii U was bloody mess, and high price compared to competition is definitely one of reasons why Wii U failed. You need to realise when Wii U launched had similar power like PS3/Xbox360, played exactly same multiplatform games without almost any difference (actually some 3rd party games worked and looked worse on Wii U) while had around $100 higher price point than PS3/Xbox360, even now Wii U is just $50 less expensive than PS4/XB1, and thats just crazy. Also Miyamoto stated that Wii U had higher price than they wanted.

Nintendo needs to release console that have similar price point like competition, if they have better hardware or they offer some cool new feature they could price it little above ($50), but point is they need to have similar price like competition if they offering similar things.

Saying that, Nintendo can release NX at end of 2016. with hardware little stronger than PS4 and to have price of $299, and $299 price point for console is magic price.