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ZahaDoom said:
DM235 said:
This rumor is totally unbelievable. There is no good that can come from it. All this would do is annoy their 40 million or so customers. The most bogus part of that rumour is that they would upgrade the CPU, when most games are GPU limited (so why would they waste time / money on something that would provide little value?).

What is most likely coming this year is a PS4 slim, which will support HDMI 2.0 and 4K TVs. This would let them support their own 4K streaming service, as well as 4K Netflix. Games will not be affected.

If Sony waits until next year, then it is quite possible that they would include a 4K Bluray player, but I think that is a feature reserved for the PS5, which is due in 2018 / 2019.

 What good that come from this bs rumor, no good for sony but for the competition it's great, this rumor hurts sonys ps4 sales and psvr sales as people are now scared to pull the trigger, who could possibly be behind such underhanded move? Lol


I'd love to see NYT and Forbes stock portfolio when they spread bull like this it should be required to know how vested they are in these companies. Literally Forbes used the other two rumors article and tried to substantiate their article saying it must be true because others published it, journalism has become an utter joke.

 A good 80% of the responses to this thread are troll responses.  Anyone who thinks consoles should be on a 3 year refresh cycle doesn't understand the console business.

 All these bs posts that the ps4 vr can't keep up and needs more power to compete with occulus, have any of you actually tried the psvr? Firstly it doesn't need to complete with occulus, second the psvr works quite fine with the current ps4.

 All these crying posts about how this generation of console has underwhelmed, guys wipe the sleep from your eyes, go back a generation and tell me this gen isn't better.

 Mark my words, ps4k will have no improvement to gaming besides 4k video media output, 4k bluray support...

People will not fall for those rumors, we are on April 1Th, the Only people that want  Consoles to be Upgradable, so is better became a PC Gamer, we are 2  Months from E3, we will need to wait until then,  of course it affect the Sales in a Negative way, because IGN, and other Massive Video Game Chanels, are reporting it, but those rumors will vanish soon.