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I know that Halo 5 released a long time ago and that by now, people are mostly looking forward to what´s next for the franchise.But personally i feel worried Halo was always known for its hability to create compeling narratives in it´s sci-fi worlds filled with mysteries and interesting characters,in halo 4 the story got more intimate and personal it felt in many ways like an evolution of past Halo narratives even with it´s shortcomings when it came to forcing the extended universe into the game however that did not stop me from caring about the relationship between master chief and cortana,they also ended it in a very promissing way,signaling that improvements where to come in future installments...Unfortunetly and as we all know by now Halo 5:Guardians failed to live up to the expectations that many had for its storytelling.So the current writer for the sequel as far as i know is a guy named Brian Reed the same guy who wrote halo 5 and Halo 4:Spartan ops,do you think Brian and his team should be given another chance or should 343  just hire better writers?