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DMeisterJ said:
nordlead said:
DMeisterJ said:
So is GTA IV in this data? Also, is MK Wii in this data?

were GTA IV and MK Wii released in April?

Anyways, I expect at least 700k for the Wii. I have a feeling VGChartz undertracked on MK Wii Week. This is based on claims from ToysRus that they had more stock than ever before.

Well, I didn't know if it counted since the week ended after the month was over... I'm always confused when the month ends, then the week ends.

Just so you know, the source linked the preview in his first post. Also, for NPD, they include any week that started in the month. So April 1-5 are not included since the week started on March 30th.

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