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Yes, the Xbox Fanbase is running the risk of being extincted here on VGChartz. This is common knowledge by the community and is often joked about (I have no problem with the jokes). It's no secret that the majority of users are Red and Blue leaning despite the site itself being so green. When I joined this site my primary console of choice was the Xbox 360, and although the Xbox fanbase was smaller than the other two it was active and full of personalities. I knew the Xbox community had fallen even further, I had no clue how far until I recently came across an old thread which I remember seeing about the Xbox fanbase getting "meaningful". After seeing this and looking at some current stats, things look a lot more grim. Can we save the ecosystem?


Let's look at the top posters of this site so far this month. We're almost midway through February, this should be a pretty good indication of things. 



I think we can agree most of them are great users but not one is a primary Xbox One user, I'm not even sure if any of them own one. Looking at the top 50 isn't much better, I can count maybe 5(?) xbox fans. Why is this important? Variety. That's why. Unless you want the site to evolve into a hive mind this should be something every person on VGC wants to help improve even if you dislike MS/XBOX you should be in favor of revitalizing the Xbox fanbase. I mean how many contests have been flooded with Nintendo and Sony games winning with xbox games not even standing a chance? How many polls have xbox-related answers as the lowest by far? Where's the fun in that? You want a more colorful and more interesting VGC? Let's make an effort on improving this site and making it more welcoming for Xbox gamers.


More stats


If you look at the first page of Xbox section topics, the latest 30 threads. #30's last reply was on Jan 26th. That's over 2 weeks. As I'm writing this, 61 Xbox threads have been active in 2016.


Let's compare to the Nintendo section. The oldest date on a reply in the last 30 threads was 1 day ago. Compared to Xbox's 16 days ago. Threads active in 2016 so far? 425


Now Sony. oldest 30 thread activity post? 3 days. Threads active in 2016? 202


That's quite the difference, Nintendo fanbase is far more active


There's a lot of things that helped contribute to the dwindling Xbox fanbase. The Xbox Reveal, Negative media press which has carried over into the forums, the in-activeness of big Xbox posters and the banning of Jay which was seen as a major community member (Note: his banning is not up for debate). I encourage the remaining Xbox fans to be as active as possible (you too PC/Ouya fans). We need diversity, we need a solution. I'd like the see the pie chart more even in the future.


Suggestions? Thoughts on the overall ecosystem?  Does this end the Nintendo vs Playstation fanbase debate?