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Nintendo has a chance... but I dont think it ll be from the hardware side of things.
They have made so many bad hardware design choices over the years, I dont think they can make a "better" PS4 thats cheaper than a PS4.

If they want marketshare back, they need to do it with a insanely strong software lineup for the NX.
We just have to hope the Marketing team at nintendo pick a better name, and market it better, and that their hardware guys dont somehow f*** it up.

The otherway is a gimmick... that catches on.

The problem with relying on gimmicks is they fail.. its high risk, high rewards.... I think nintendo shouldnt do it this way.

I wanna see nintendo just do a "normal" console thats basically a PS4 for same price as the PS4, and slowly just work on gaining consumer trust by makeing it equal to the Xb1 & PS4 in terms of features.


Once thats done, the console after the NX they can again aim for the sky, with big risk moves.

I dont wanna see nintendo take a big risk and fall even further down the ladder.

Wii U will probably never even reach 20m units sold.... if they drop lower than that... time to just go 3rd party developer.