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outlawauron said:
NesFe said:
Oh wow, Dragon quest builders is launching a demo on Jan 22. It's really nice that jap developers keep doing this for the newer games. I'm unsure if i want this so the demo should help me decide.

Plus I'll get to see how the frame rate holds because I've gotten pretty disappointed with some recent titles.

Let me know how it holds up! Not sure what to think about DQB.

We just have to try, as I have proved to myself, some games ould look interesting but You don't end liking them, but some spin-off or twist to their mechanics or settin can be fun, like Musou games, I really don't like the original games, but spin offs like One Piece's, Hyrule Warriors, have proven to be pretty fun. And i'm looking foward to play Dragon Quest Heroes too...


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