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Luke888 said:
ZhugeEX said:

Nintendo chose not to launch Wii U/3DS in China but they did launch in Asia where the consoles didn't do well. Main reason is lack of localisation support. Only very big games get localised but smaller games are in Japanese..... for a Chinese audience..... 

For NX to succeed it needs the no region lock, it needs localisation, it needs social online features in games at all times + cheap pricing in line with other consoles in China. 

So do you think there's space for a Handheld market for at least the followup to the 3DS ? Plus are Steam machines a thing or what ? 

Honestly I think handheld market ship has sailed now. Especially in China where Mobile is handheld. People do everything on their Mobile in China. It has replaced the usage cases for Desktop and for low income people it's cheaper than Desktop. So all services are available on Mobile first! 

When it comes to gaming the same applies. 

The West is the same as well tbh. Even new Nintendo 3DS hasn't increased sales, just slowing the decline.