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Hiku said:

I'm sorry to hear about your cat. Why did you need to put him down, if I may ask? I have two cats myself, and its my first time having pets, so I haven't experienced the loss of a pet yet, but I can imagine it being very painful. But when the time comes, I wouldn't want to have them stuffed either. =/

It was a tumor between his stomach and lungs along with liquid intake nearing his lungs where it shouldn't be which over a month's period (could have been longer) caused his health to deteriorate and he lost weight pretty fast in that time, eventually he reached a point where he ate any sort of food and puked it up moments later which drove him to a point where he wanted food from you regardless of him puking it up. We had him checked and the scans showed the tumor, unfortunately he was 9 and in a not so great shape, having an operation would have killed him and I didn't really want to have that happen so I decided on the same day of the scans (he was still under after having them) to have him put down since the puking/tumor would have resulted in his death anyway. I dunno why but during that day we took him to the vets I had a weird feeling that he wasn't going to come back so I snapped some photos and gave him the longest hug I don't think I've ever given anyone, I think he knew once he was at the vets that he was going to go so he seemed calm and collect (some animals can smell or sense death with some vets).