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I can't remember if I've ever even met someone who has Pikachu as their favorite Pokemon, and no one really seems to pay it much mind despite Nintendo shoving it down our throats constantly. Okay obviously you're not gonna see it during online battles in the mainseries games since despite what the anime wants you to believe, Pikachu kinda sucks, with Raichu hardly any better. It's relevance doesn't get much better in other games though.

I frequent the Super Mystery Dungeon community on Miiverse rescuing other players n what not, and from I've seen, Pikachu is one of the least popular picks for main character or partner. There's no excuse here, as practically all Pokemon are viable in this game, and you only have 19 other starters to choose from. Also in the Art Academy community, there was a contest having you draw your favorite pokemon, and of the 100 or so entrys I looked at, I can't recall seeing a drawing of Pikachu.

Yah yah, all anecdotal, but I haven't seen anything saying otherwise. What do you guys think, anyone here actually love Pikachu? Would anyone really care if Pikachu was no longer Pokemon's mascot?