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I think there is denial on both sides of the issue. They are competing in the fact that they are taking entertainment dollars. But, we could bring in the PC as well, which people seem to accept as a different market. But the truth is that HD consoles are owning the PC market.

With the Wii and HD consoles, you can't deny the fact that third parties are segmenting the market differently than last generation. Even though the Wii is kicking ass and taking names in terms of sales, HD consoles are also increasing in sales as well. With the strong competition between Sony and MS, games like DMC and GTA are increasing total sales over the previous generation. It's a fanboy's dream if you think companies are going to completely throw away HD game development in the dumpster.

Third party support for the Wii will get stronger, but it may be different kinds of titles, with some exceptions.

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