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it's really funny, that Heavenly Swords "max playtime" seems to get shorter and shorter every time someone, who obviously didn't play the game, talks about it

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yea, I expect a good growth of PS3s million-seller list aswell - many of them obviously will be yearly installments of mutliplattform games, like CoD5 (it was announced for this year right?) , Fifa09, PES09, Madden09, Need for Speed whatever :P , ...

I'm still looking for the article that was posted earlie this week stating Treyarch has changed their development schedule for COD5 from 9 months to 2 years so I don't think it's coming 2008.


They started earlier this time. the game is coming this fall, with an IW coming in 2009. The point is that it allows a CoD to be released every year, but allow IW to develop it every other year


Yeah.  What's been said on that is that Teyarch HAS been working on it for 2 years.  So it should be out by fall still.  Just it shouldn't suck as bad as COD3 does. (hopefully.)