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DivinePaladin said:
Soundwave said:
I have doubts Nintendo would hand over Twilight Princess to a Western developer but you never know.

I mean, I could see it, since TP was the most western-catered Zelda by far and ironically one of the least appreciated in the west until right about now.  


It'd make sense, if Nintendo had some sort of idea that Zelda U was going to take this long, for them to schedule two different Zeldas to be remade at the same time on Wii U at that point. Plus they're getting heavily milky with Zelda right now (probably to shift focus away from Zelda U being "pretty much showable" at E3 two years ago), so it's not out of the question. I'm okay with the milking, mind you - could've done without another multiplayer Zelda if they're not even gonna put the effort in to make it playable with only two players, but that's neither here nor there. 


I'm just hoping this doesn't mean they think this makes up if they're going to delay Zelda U further. If the game has been polished enough to show for two years now, no amount of feature creep should remotely justify a delay into 2017. Sure, I'm happy we've gotten...9 different Zelda releases from 2011-2016 without it but if this amount of Zelda is suppot some sort of consolation for a cross-gen release, I'm buying Zelda U and NX used both times. I won't be mad, just disappointed, and hopefully they'll feel that sting. 

I dont think that posible TP HD have anuthing with Zelda U delay, exept if we are geting TP HD this year.

Also you forgetting that Zelda U was shown in December and said its coming in 2015, but its get delayed in March, so I cant see them delaying game for 2017.