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Samus Aran said:

Try living in Iraq, Iran, Syria, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Saudi-Arabia, etc. and tell me Islam is not part of the problem. Tell me then it's a tiny group. You won't like living in those countries as a woman, trust me.

And every religion indeed has extremists, yet there are far more Muslim extremists than Christian extremists. Are you even aware how big IS is?

Islam needs to modernize and be seperated from political power.

I've not lived there persay, but i spent 2 weeks in pakistan attending a friends wedding, some genuinely lovely people there.


Again, you say the problem is islam, but then focus only on countries that have been in the news for extremism and isis related issues, as i said, i lived in indonesia, it has a higher islamic population than any of the countries you listed yet people being islamic wasnt an issue, just as it isnt for bangladesh, just as it isnt for china and many, many other places.

You are essentially cherry picking instances of small extremist groups to condemn an entire religion, even if you were to say extremists and isis, etc were a million strong, given the islamic population is 1.6 billion it would STILL be a tiny fraction.


But why stop there, why not attack whites for the national front, Klu Klux Klan and BNP, after all thier being white contributed to thier actions, right?, how about germans? Well since some are neo-naxi then that makes them all Nazi's! 

Do you not see how rediculous that line of thinking is?

The level of bigotry and hate towards an entire religion based on the actions of a tiny fraction of fringe extremists is both disappointing and frankly, disgusting.


You all need to turn off your tv and travel the world.