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The Dolphins are terrible, but the Jets got bad after a good start, so the game isn't quite over yet. Fitzpatrick is also flirting with an interception because he threw already three or four passes that could have been picked.

As for Luck not playing, yeah, Jacksonville is horrible and Hasselbeck should still be a solid enough backup at his age.

EDIT: The German broadcast seems to love the 49ers for some reason. Already planned to be shown in week 2 (but changed to NE@BUF), they had the 49ers last week against the Cardinals and will have them this week vs. the Packers. Oh well, I won't complain this time.

EDIT2: One more thing about the Dolphins, this is a game that can be won with good coaching and adjustments for the second half, but I really don't think that the Miami staff is competent enough. We need Fitztragic!

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