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Arcturus said:
Wonktonodi said:
Thanks for the update though at least for my account there are several errors.
I have 112 points this week, not 285 so I should be much lower on the busiest member list. I got two platinums this week, but neither are listed in that list and there points aren't added to the platinum leader board either though the count of total platinums did increase there.

Looks like I forgot to reset the points earned over the past week, so it was counting points for the past two weeks. Here is the updated Busiest Members table:

VGchartz Username PSN ID Pts This Week Pts Last Week Increase
KylieDog KylieDog 15616 15493 123
badgenome PublicSudoku 13464 13341 123
Wonktonodi WonkTonodi1 9579 9467 112
Esquoret Esquoret 15447 15348 99
fadetoone FadeToOne 13769 13682 87
DarthVolod DarthVolod 5519 5463 56
fps_d0minat0r fps_d0minat0r 8098 8046 52
postofficebuddy postofficebuddy 8357 8315 42
HideoK HideoK 18977 18937 40
Wagram AnimasPaine 5553 5519 34

And, yeah it looks like I missed your two platinum trophies. Adding them now.

i'm sorry to use this post to quote you, but i didn't want to quote the weekly update.

i earn a plat this week, but it was not Battlefield bad company 2, earn that one long time ago... i got the driveclub Platinum this week.

you do great work... thanks for the update.

Proudest Platinums - BF: Bad Company, Killzone 2 , Battlefield 3 and GTA4